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Clay & Surfers Healing

Clay & Surfers Healing

A behind the scenes look at Clay’s involvement with a recent Surfer’s Healing event!

Surfers Healing seeks to enrich the lives of children with autism and the lives of their families by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing.

This vid is another sweet edit by 16 year old Kieran Clark! Thanks Kieran!

Filmed by: Dubhan Clark & Gina Marzo

Music: “Free” – Donavon Frankenreiter

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  1. I think you should do something like surf healing on the Gold Coast Australia my son would love it

  2. What an inspiration ! I’m so proud of you !!!!

  3. Amazing! They will not forget never this day! Surfing changes lifes! Lovely :)

  4. *surf changes lives!

  5. Isso ae clay

  6. My son has Aspergers and I wanted to share this story with you. Not many Athletes share in this HUMAN INTEREST STORY.
    Carnival Cruise Line Bob Slide NATIONAL SAG commercial was filmed beginning of December, on board the Carnival Liberty.

    Carnival held casting in 3 cities to find the 4 principal kids. They said they wanted the kids to gel like the Bad News Bears. The searched LA, Miami, and Orlando. 3 cities – 4 days of castings to find the FAB 4!

    Hudson Adams- Farley
    age 9
    From Winter Garden
    Westbrooke Elementary School
    3rd Grade
    The 3 principal boys were cast from Orlando the youngest being Hudson Adams-Farley who has Aspergers Syndrome and is a special needs child with learning disabilities.

    Booking the NATIONAL SAG commercial is huge for anyone. But a kid with Aspergers is usually not the first pick because they are looked at as weird or quirky. But Hudson beat out 100′s of hopefuls. This goes without saying Hudson is proving that kids with disabilities can do BIG THINGS too!

    During the filming the winds were so bad the kids were even blowing around.
    They filmed from 6am – 6pm daily for the 30 and 60 sec. spots. The water slide scene was shot over 52 times alone.

    Carnival is launching this commercial during the Olympics. It aired last night and at opening ceremonies tonight and planning on running it a very long time. It will also been seen in Movie Theaters around the country before the Movie. Carnival is even running contests on You Tube about this commercial

    Watch the 60 second spot!

    Renee Adams 407-493-9773

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