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What Happened to Clay – Episode 1

What Happened to Clay – Episode 1

This is the story of Clay Marzo, a surfing savant who has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a mild form of autism.

Clay rises to fame after scoring two 10s in the NSSA Nationals and dazzling the world with his incredible surfing in the Quiksilver Young Guns movies.

But stardom is incredibly difficult for a young man who has never socialized well and the more famous he gets, the more difficult it becomes for him to deal with the pressure.

Watch as Clay struggles to come to terms with his own talent and the stresses of being a professional athlete.

The Real Story of Clay Marzo | What Happened to Clay Marzo, Ep. 1

All-new Video Series by: Jamie Tierney

Filmed by: Jamie Tierney, Adam Klevin & Chris Bryan

Edited by: Daniel McGinnis

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  1. Super cool Clay! It is a pleasure watching you. Always.

  2. love this edit, dig your bravery, keep on trucking Clay. You rock. Bra

  3. Not my favorite surfer, but definatly in my top 2…love ya Clay, love your story brah.


  4. My grandson’s name is Clay and he also has Asperger Syndrome. He is 8 and having a tough time coping with life. As a Grandmother I hope my Clayton will find his special talent in life and be happier. He looks up to you Clay Marzo and has hoped to meet you one day. Thank you for being a great role model :)

    Janice Olson

  5. This is a great vid! Can’t wait to see the other episodes – good job! (Nice to see Adam Klevin again too)

  6. Love the vid man inspirational for me I want to be just like clay I also have asperger and look up to clay hes my hero.

  7. incredible to see this guy surf in person, his natural ability is unbelievable. give him a go pro and let him rip. nobody drops in on Clay.

  8. <3

  9. Amazing video and such an inspiration to everyone. Keep on shredding Clay bro!

  10. Clay you rock, fuck the crowds be yourself a true waterman!

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