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What Happened to Clay – Episode 2

What Happened to Clay – Episode 2

Hawaiian surfer Clay Marzo became one of the most popular riders in the world after the success of his film ‘Just Add Water‘ and his incredible surfing for Kai Neville’s ‘Landscape Altered’ series.

His star also rose because of success in competitions, especially a win in Puerto Escondido in Mexico. But with Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and Nightline knocking on the door he soon finds that fame has a price and it’s not easy to stay in a positive head space when you have to contend with the added pressure.

Things take a turn for the worse when Clay starts turning down work due to his discomfort with travel. Will his social difficulties derail his promising career? Stay tuned to find out.

Here’s How the Wheels Fell off Clay Marzo’s Competitive Career | What Happened to Clay Marzo, Ep. 2

All-new Video Series by: Jamie Tierney

Filmed by: Jamie Tierney, Adam Klevin, Kai Neville & Chris Bryan

Edited by: Daniel McGinnis

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  1. Best wishes to Clay. As the father of an adult son with Autism, and a surfer for nearly 50 years, I fully appreciate Clay’s skill in the water and can understand what he goes through out of it. My son’s special skill is with animals, horses and dogs in particular, but keeping and finding a job is an ongoing issue because of the lack of understanding about Autism where we live. Thankfully, Clay has a supportive family and lives in a part of the world where awareness of Autism is much higher. Thanks to Clay and to the film makers for telling this story, as uncomfortable as it may be for him.

  2. Thank you Clay.

  3. Clay is my favorite surfer. Why ? Because he does it his way ! Keep going Clay ! Proud of you !!

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