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What Happened to Clay – Episode 3

What Happened to Clay – Episode 3

Why Did Quiksilver Drop Clay Marzo?

Although once poised on the precipice of competitive success, Clay Marzo’s difficulties with large social situations (due to asperger syndrome) made him choose the life of a freesurfer.

In this way he hoped to avoid the social pressures of the competitive life while focussing on his passion of surfing really, really well.

However, freesurfing comes with it’s own unique set of difficulties. After Clay suffers two back-to-back knee injuries, the market tanks and Quiksilver is forced to drop him from their roster.

Despite coming back as strong as ever, the man who was once tipped to be one of the best in the world is now under-sponsored and searching for a new direction in life.

Why Did Quiksilver Drop Clay Marzo? | What Happened to Clay Marzo, Ep. 3

All-new Video Series by: Jamie Tierney

Filmed by: Jamie Tierney, Adam Klevin, Kai Neville & Chris Bryan

Edited by: Daniel McGinnis

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  1. Super cool video!

  2. This is awesome. Where can we watch the whole feature??

  3. I’m sad for you Clay. That’s messed up B.S. by Q.S. I think Billabong would love to have you. I know you could adapt to big wave surfing. Wish you the best bru.,

  4. keep charging clay,quik sucks they don’t deserve you.

  5. Clay has the most radical and progressive style of any surfer today. His dedication and unique perspective on the sport easily make him my favorite surfer to watch in the water.

    Is Clay still on tour? Why hasn’t he been killin’ it in competitions lately? Have his injuries fully-healed yet?

    Best wishes

    - Houston Golden

    • @Houston Golden-What are you new?

  6. Yewwwww Clay your aussie mate!

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