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Ryan’s Surfing

Ryan’s Surfing

Clay is always inspired to read letters from parents that testify to the power of surfing as an effective form of therapy for children in the Autistic & Aspie Community.
Recently Clay and Clay’s Mom Jill were contacted by a family whose son loves the water and surfing just as much as Clay.
Please have a look at the wonderful comments from Kendal Martin found below and watch the video of her son Ryan. He rips!!!
Our hope is that other kids can learn that through their passion of surfing, they too can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the ocean. For help getting your child in the water, please visit Surfers Healing and connect with them on social networking today!


Hi Jill-
I just wanted to reach out to you to share with you my story of my son Ryan and because of you and your son Clay, we were able to diagnose my son with Aspergers.
My son is 12 years old and we live in San Clemente, CA. He too loves the ocean and finds complete therapy in surfing (and skating). Since he was a baby we always knew something was different about him. We took him to countless doctors who would always say he had ADHD and OCD. It wasn’t until one day last year that when Ryan was having one of his complete meltdowns when he said to me “Mom why can’t you understand me like Clay’s mom understands him!!” Forgive me, but I had no idea who Clay was. I honestly thought it was a friend from school-but that all changed once I watched ” Clay Marzo-Just Add Water”. Because of Clay’s movie-we were able to understand Ryan so much better.
He and Clay have SO many similarities-it was like watching an older version of my son. We were able to get Ryan the therapy that he needed. We have found him an excellent Doctor in Del Mar and with the help of medication and therapy our entire life has changed for the better. Just like Clay did, Ryan surfs competitively through NSSA and WSA. He is an amazing talent at such a young age. Last year he was sponsored by Super Surf Boards in Carlsbad and later found out from his shaper Ryan Sakal that Clay is part owner of the company. You could only image how thrilled this made my little boy. Clay gives Ryan hope. I know this may seem weird to write all of this to you. But from one mom to another, I thought you would like to hear how much you and your son have touched our lives and I’m sure so many others. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am. I can only hope that one day Ryan will be able to spread Autism Awareness and help open the eyes to so many whose eyes may be closed. I’ve attached a video of my son so you can see the actual child you have helped so much!
Forever grateful~
Kendal Martin



  1. This is awesome! I’ve been a fan of Clay for a long time now.It’s good to see how is in able to help and inspire. I don’t have Aspergers, I do however deal with my own diagnosis of schizophrenia.The ocean and the mountains,(surfing and snowboarding) are my therepy as well. The healing power of mother nature and board sports are a huge part of my overall wellness.Awesome video! Keep after it!

  2. Ryan, you rip mate, not like a 12 year old,more like an 16 year old. Beautiful style and a sharp looking air game as well. I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more of Ryan Martin and I look forward to following your surfing career mate. Hope you get a chance visit Australia one day sample some of our breaks.
    Cheers mate, and Happy Surfing, Brad.

  3. This kid is super talented!!! Wow, what an inspiration :) Well done Clay, Well done Ryan.

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