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Surfing through the Eyes of Clay

Surfing through the Eyes of Clay

Ever wonder what it’s like to be Clay Marzo on fun day on the North Shore?!?

Join Clay as he surfs one of his favorite home breaks with you along for the ride.

This vid was shot and edited by Clay! Enjoy!

Filmed by: Clay Marzo

Stoked on this vid?!? Leave your comments below!



  1. So beautiful and powerful… Thank you for sharing…….. And thank you for all the love and support you give to our kids through Surfers Healing… Thank you for giving us that one perfect day.

  2. sick edit clay. its cool watching you continue to progress as a ripper. i remember watching you killing it from the time you were about 4 feet tall. back when you, granger, dusty and the boys were always surfing together. it was awesome seeing a little tiny clay surfing double over head hole in the wall and such. keep living the dream braddah.

  3. sweet!!!certainly if ure as I am, with a backinjury not able to go catchin’ some wavesz (and never did any barrels anyway!) love end sound, why not tryin’ to mix both music and real concrete sound in the future!? thx! love, m

  4. Nice shots clay, I wish me and your dad could’ve gotten barrels like that back in the day at Santa Clara in Mission Beach.. I am stoked for you brah. Steve.

  5. Always dig all your vids. Unreal barrel footage boss!

  6. This video is ssick I watched it 3 times

  7. Hey Clay, you don’t actually know me, but my husband is your Mom’s first cousin. His name is Glenn Darrow. I just recently became a fan on your facebook page. You’re very talented and we enjoyed this video very much. Tell your mom we say hello. Take care!

  8. Sooo sick!

  9. Sooo awesome Clay, as always!

  10. Exciting to watch this video!

  11. Fantastic Clay. I think the better clip with this view that I have ever seen… stupid I am …. it’s because YOU’re the best! :-)

  12. I wondered when you might start editing your own vids, but filming them too!

    I loved this, your world is so beautiful.

  13. Where were you putting the go pro on your body?

  14. hey , great video with examples of tubriding. nice work getting the angle looking out and then back at the wave on the one. i wonder if the float on the back of the gopro is enough to bite onto while surfing? hmmm. thanks for posting.

  15. Boa clay !

  16. Muito loko clay !

  17. Muito loco Clay :D

  18. Surfa muito clay marzo :)

  19. VC Surfa muito Clay Marzo :D

    • O video fico muito loko ! boa Clay !!!

  20. Wicked vid. I’m a huge fan of Clay’s surfing after I was introduced to him through Just Add Water.

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