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What’s Youth – Straight Forward with Clay Marzo

What’s Youth – Straight Forward with Clay Marzo

Clay is pumped on this new video edit from friends at

Join Clay in this new edit of footage from adventures in West Oz & Indo.

This vid was shot by Tom Jennings & John Barton

Edited by Kai Neville

Have a look at the awesome write-up from their website:



As far as triumphant returns go, chalk this one up there with Odysseus. Clay Marzo — who was an unfortunate part of the Quiksilver “massacre” last year — has since been hiding out along the back roads of Western Australia, trunking it and quietly doing some of the best surfing in the world. Trademark whips and airs, and packing massive, lonely and very logo-less barrels — basically surfing like one of the world’s best goofy foots, all by himself.


It’s with a lot of excitement that we deliver to you today the return of one of surfing’s enduring (and very hungry) personalities. We missed you, Clay.


*Massive thanks to Tom Jennings for training his camera on Clay the past few months. That worked out nicely. Thanks legend.


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  1. muito loko ! clay surfa muito bom .

  2. epic!

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