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Winter Sessions at Home

Winter Sessions at Home

Wondering what Clay’s been up to this winter?

This sick new edit from the Clay team highlights some of the insane sessions that Clay’s been having on the North Shore this year.

Great footage of Clay in the water and scoping the lineups around home…

Killer Edit by: Kieran Clark

Filmed by: Jade Barton & Dubhan Clark

Stoked on this vid?!? Leave your comments below!


  1. Wow, wow and wow! Clay being a genius, great edit Kieran, cool shots Jade and Dubhan.

  2. More…..more…..more…..

  3. yeeeewwww killing it
    Never stop inspiring us my bratha

  4. Awesome surfing clay! Looks like it’s been a good winter! Hope your ready for a west Aus winter now. Well done to my sister Jade for getting some sick footage and Kieran for putting it all together. Great job guys :)

  5. Want More…get some out of the water stuff with get to know clay!!!!

  6. has to be the best ever surfer to rip windmills

  7. Incredible surfing…. congrats!

  8. I adore Clay…. Hi im Becky Atwood and I am Heather Crosby’s Mother I am Tate’s Grandmother

  9. I wanted to tell you a little something about this young man named Clay…the videos, pictures and his talent are amazing but they are nothing next to his heart and him character. My son is Marco, and he was lost for many many years. He wasn’t diagnosed with Aspergers until about 12 and when I got the initial diagnosis I searched for some sort of way to explain it to my Marco. That’s when I came across Clay…it just fit (Marco even looks like him, hair and all). I explained Aspergers to Marco and showed him Clay’s you tube videos. After watching (A TON) of his videos Marco looked at me and said, “I’m not all by myself, I’m not weird”, yes I left the room and cried and cried! The feeling of belonging I have been trying to give my son for 12 years Clay gave to him just by speaking out and acknowledging his differences. He could have hidden, like almost all of them do, but he shared and let others feel “normal” like him. My son wrote him on Facebook and Clay wrote back. They have struck up a friendship that has changed my Marco’s “Aspie Course”. He has given Marco strength, purpose and most of all….a friend. He sent Marco a birthday video and one of his boards (which he sleeps with)! Marco, like any Aspie, has attached himself,and his courage, to this amazing man that took a couple of minutes out of his life to talk to a little boy. Marco is becoming more comfortable around kids and has gained some confidence. He even did a Color Vibe race to raise awareness for Clay, SUPERbrand and Surfer’s Healing. Clay has given my son a life and awareness that he is comfortable with now, he has taught Marco that he is important despite what other kids might say. He has shown him that “the ones that are different” are the lucky ones. When we watch Clay’s video’s and see the pictures of his amazing surfing we don’t see his talent, we see his happiness and that gives us hope… Please remember every time you are amazed by Clay’s talent that his heart and strength are a million times greater than his surfing. All my love, Marco’s Mom

  10. Super sick. Late drops, great timing, deeps barrels, huge turns.

    And I really like the panned-out, from-above angle of many of the shots. Nice job!

  11. I would love to see more up and personal footage of clay! lol

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